A “unique” chocolate in the world

Un Chocolate unico en el mundo blasi

In an effort to innovate and offer you better products every day, we are pleased to announce that Chocolates Blasi has made a unique chocolate in the world that contains agave or maple syrup, replacing grain sugar.

WHY IS IT UNIQUE? – We say that it is unique because today we have no record that a chocolate that combines cocoa with a natural liquid sweetener such as the sage of a tree (the Maple or the Agave) has been made anywhere. In addition, thanks to our experience and after many carried out tests, we have found two combinations of cocoa and sage that fully respect the original flavor of the original cocoa bean and that will surely satisfy your palate.

WHAT DO WE OFFER? – Currently we have two chocolates made with this process: one with cocoa from Venezuela that contains Maple syrup and another from Guayaquil in Ecuador that contains Agave syrup. The great virtue of these tablets is that they contain 100% of the beneficial properties of cocoa and syrups mentioned; they also do not contain any allergens or traces of milk and are suitable for celiacs.

MAXIMUM FIDELITY TO THE ORIGINAL TASTE – With this novelty we intend to transfer all the aroma and properties of each of the chocolates of origin as perceived by a chocolate master when he makes the first tasting of a raw cocoa bean at the time he studies the chocolate to be made. We recommend you to enjoy these chocolates, letting them slowly melt in your mouth in order to perceive all the nuances and aromas. It is also advisable to eat 15 grams a day to take advantage of all the benefits that cocoa brings.

WHAT WILL COME? – Finally, we advance you exclusively that we are already testing with organic cocoa and sage trees to make chocolate an even healthier food.

DID YOU KNOW? – It is said that the first dark chocolate tablet was made in Barcelona or in the Monasterio de Piedra de Zaragoza (hot chocolate). That is, chocolate was made by mixing cocoa, sugar and beans, thus making it solid. Now we can say that, in the 21st century, in Barcelona, ​​Chocolates Blasi has produced the first chocolate tablet replacing the grain sugar with a liquid natural sweetener: the sage of a tree.

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