Blasi removes the only chocolate sweetened only with Estevia

Chocolate estevia

Blasi offers from today the new chocolate of Venezuela origin with stevia and without added sugars

This novelty allows the consumption of chocolate to be suitable for people intolerant to maltitol (sugar for diabetics), soy lecithin, lactose or nuts.
The new tablet contains 99% cocoa but the mouthfeel is 94%. At the beginning, the tasting leaves a very soft and refreshing touch of licorice (characteristic of stevia) but little by little the soft nuances of wood, fig skin and species erase the taste of licorice and leave a clean palate with an intense taste of wild bitter cocoa.
An ideal chocolate for those who like chocolate with a very intense flavor since it contains a very high percentage of cocoa.

  • We recommend you to take only 15g (3 servings) a day to enjoy the properties of chocolate.
  • Cocoa bean variety: Trinitario
  • Does not contain any of the following allergens: GLUTEN, SOY, LACTOSE or DRY FRUITS.

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