El maestro chocolatero explica las propiedades del chocolate Blasi en la feria APAT

Blasi’s stand was filled with chocolate suitable for celiacs, diabetics and vegans to show visitors and professionals that anyone can enjoy chocolate.

Blasi’s team offered tastings and personalized advice to anyone who was interested in their products.

Some of the most appreciated products were cocoa leaves, dark chocolate of Madagascar origin and cat tongues made with coconut milk. In addition, cocoa cream with hazelnuts could be purchased without added sugars or milk, hot chocolate or 100% cocoa powder.

Sugar free, after 100 years

Blasi had not participated in a fair since 1922, when he presented the sugar free chocolate as a novelty. After almost 100 years, the company has wanted to pay tribute to that milestone and that is why it has wanted to publicize this type of products with the advantage that, today, chocolate is also suitable for people intolerant of any type of allergen.